Saturday, January 07, 2012

Trackside Log for Saturday, January 7, 2012

Today I had an appointment in Onondaga. Since I was going to be very close to Brantford I decided to take along my camera and visit the station afterward. My timing upon arrival at the VIA station was superb. The Southern Ontario Railway was just starting to assemble their train to haul toward Nanticoke.

  • 1106 Brantford - SOR 596 south - RLK 4057-CEFX 2015-RMPX 9431

Once they had pulled four tracks to build their train I headed south for some more photography. I didn't quite leave in time though. I got stopped at the Colborne Street crossing and had to wait. Once it cleared I made my way to Onondaga for another photograph.

  • 1207 Onondaga - SOR 596 south - RLK 4057-CEFX 2015-RMPX 9431

My next stop was Forfar Street and the Grand River in Caledonia. A sizable railway bridge crosses the river there that I had previously only photographed one time. Today made two.

  • 1232 Caledonia - SOR 596 south - RLK 4057-CEFX 2015-RMPX 9431

The last waypoint on my trek homeward was the grain elevator in the subdivision's namesake, Hagersville. While waiting for the train to arrive I wandered around with Missy and photographed a 40' boxcar which has been parked in town for quite a long while.

  • 1252 Hagersville - former CN boxcar - CN 72484
  • 1310 Hagersville - SOR 596 south - RLK 4057-CEFX 2015-RMPX 9431

The train began to switch town and I decided it was time to get back home and consume lunch. Considering this train is normally a night operation I feel rather fortunate to have been in the area on a day when it ran in bright sunshine.