Sunday, August 28, 2011

Trackside Log for Sunday, August 28, 2011

I was at home this morning not getting up to very much but heard horns approaching. I made the short drive to River Road again to photograph the train under the fringes of Hurricane Irene.

  • 1006 Fenwick - CP 246 south - CEFX 1059

Later that evening the skies cleared and train 255 was working Welland Yard. Once it departed I made the short drive to Farr Street for a photograph.

  • 1805 Fenwick - CP 255 north - CP 5739-HLCX 7008-CP 5911

A comparison between the photograph of today's train 255 and that of yesterday will reveal a missing tree. After yesterday's blocked SOO SD60M I was motivated to deal with said tree.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Trackside Log for Saturday, August 27, 2011

Just as I was waking up this morning I could hear the faint sound of horns. It was a very pleasant sunny morning so I took my camera to River Road to watch.

  • 0724 Fenwick - CP 246 south - CP 9822-CP 9662

Later in the afternoon train 255 pulled into Welland Yard with 442 axles. After setting off a portion of its freight they departed and I met the train at Farr Street.

  • 1639 Fenwick - CP 255 north - CP 9828-CP 8600-SOO 6059-CP 5902-ICE 6416-ICE 6413-CP 5927

That was quite the mixed bag of motive power. I'm pretty sure only the two AC4400s at the front were actually working.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Trackside Log for Friday, August 26, 2011

This afternoon I had an appointment in downtown Burlington. I decided I would grab lunch there and eat it by the tracks in Aldershot. En route I discovered a Southern Ontario Railway GP40 idling with crew on board in Hagersville.

  • 1230 Hagersville - SOR switcher - RLK 4095

There were some track maintenance machines just up the line that I assume the crew on the RLK 4095 was waiting for.

After picking up lunch I headed to the Lemonville Road bridge over the Canadian National Oakville Subdivision. While eating train 552 poked its nose out from under the bridge. I walked up to the top for some photographs.

  • 1339 Aldershot - CN 552 - CN 4707-CN 4710

In the last photo you can see the result of train 435 derailing two days before. The newly ballasted track upon which train 552 is working has been realigned from the original configuration. The track to the left where the damaged autorack still sits was the original alignment for the switching lead.

Later that evening, at just about the time that Missy was starting to whine for her walk, I heard the Canadian Pacific Hamilton Subdivision dispatcher issue a clearance to train 255 from Brookfield East to Kinnear Yard. I decided I could walk Missy over to the Farr Street crossing for a photograph. After a short wait at the crossing the distant sound of horns could be heard.

  • 1806 Fenwick - CP 255 north - CP 8525-CP 9572

After walking the two kilometres back home I popped over to the Lions Club booth for some fish and chips.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Trackside Log for Saturday, August 20, 2011

I was at home relaxing today with the scanner on in the background. In the afternoon I heard train 255 obtain a clearance onto the Canadian Pacific Hamilton Subdivision. As it turned out they were going to be setting off their entire train in Welland Yard before heading to Kinnear Yard with light power. So I walked over to the tracks for a photograph.

    1655 Fenwick - CP 255 north - CP 6038-CP 5995

A few days earlier this pair of SD40-2s travelled through town in the dark with the only Iowa, Chicago & Eastern locomotive still in I&M Rail Link paint. Alas it had been separated from the set prior to the second round trip to Binghamton, New York.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Trackside Log for Thursday, August 18, 2011

After walking Missy this evening we were relaxing in the back yard under the big maple tree. I was reading Deception by Jonathan Kellerman when I was interrupted by air horns. The skies were beginning to cloud over but there was still enough light for a decent photograph so I got my camera and walked to the tracks.

  • 1856 Fenwick - CP 246 south - CP 8865-CITX 3064

The CIT lease SD40-2 is ex-GCFX 3064; ex-NREX 869; nee CNW 869.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Trackside Log for Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Today, for a late lunch, I drove to Waterford with a singular goal in mind: to photograph what remains of Waterford Junction. At this location a trio of railways all converged:

  1. Lake Erie & Northern (electrified)
  2. Toronto, Hamilton & Buffalo
  3. Canada Southern/Michigan Central/New York Central/Penn Central/Conrail

The following is a 360° panorama constructed from 50 individual photographs taken from the Lake Erie & Northern bridge. The photograph starts at the left facing north and progresses full circle back to north again. A second version of the panorama is also included that is annotated with the three railways' locations.

  • 1434 Waterford - Waterford Junction

NOTE: You can download the full resolution image of each version of the panorama by clicking the “download” button at the left above the photograph after clicking the thumbnails.

After spinning around in circles taking photographs I headed back to work.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Trackside Log for Monday, August 15, 2011

As I was driving home from an appointment in Hamilton I turned the scanner on to hear if there was any activity on the Canadian Pacific Hamilton Subdivision. It wasn't long before I heard train 246 obtain a clearance from Smithville to Welland. The timing was going to be about perfect. I arrived home, let Missy out, got my camera and drove to Sumbler Road for a photograph. I didn't need to wait long.

  • 1647 Fenwick - CP 246 south - CEFX 1007-CP 9577

The scene of the engineer gesticulating out the window of CEFX 1007 was really quite humourous. I wish I had the video running. Ah well. After the train passed by I returned home for our nightly walk before I regraded my driveway.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Trackside Log for Saturday, August 13, 2011

I spent the morning indoors with the scanner on in the background. Canadian Pacific train 255's crew outlawed in Welland Yard but I opted not to make the drive to see it. By the afternoon the skies had cleared nicely and I set up a lawn chair under the shade in the back yard with Missy beside me and began reading Evidence by Jonathan Kellerman. Several chapters into the story I heard train 255 north announce its presence a few concessions to the south. I got my camera and drove to Farr Street for a photograph.

  • 1533 Fenwick - CP 255 north - CP 8816-CP 9654

This was only the second photograph I'd taken after the start of “Operation Sightline”. I'd been working on eliminating much of the brush that has grown up around some of the better photographic locations around Fenwick. This particular view was considerably overgrown but I'd made some dramatic improvements.

I returned to the lawn chair and my book. After several more chapters more horns could be heard at Regional Road 24. I grabbed the camera and jogged through my back yard to photograph train 246 south.

  • 1616 Fenwick - CP 246 south - CEFX 1029-CP 9618

The blue leased locomotive was a pleasant change from the ubiquitous red Canadian Pacific GE power of the past two days. Once the train has passed through town I returned to Missy and my book.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Trackside Log for Friday, August 12, 2011

I was moments away from taking Missy for her evening walk when I heard the unmistakable sound of air horns approaching from the north. An impromptu change of plans resulted in a brief drive to River Road for photographs.

  • 1725 Fenwick - CP 246 south - CP 9814-CP 8706

Once the photographs had been obtained I returned home to Missy who was impatiently waiting for our daily walk.

Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Trackside Log for Tuesday, August 2, 2011

I took today off as part of my extended holiday weekend. After a fifteen minute stop at work Missy and I headed west to see what sort of railway action we could find. First up was a Canadian Pacific westbound we managed to get ahead of at Nissouri.

  • 1112 Crumlin - CP 441 west - CP 5939-CP 6601

I decided to check out the west side of London. I heard on the scanner that two Canadian National trains would be meeting west of me so I took up a position on Pulham Road near Lobo to see them.

  • 1233 Lobo - CN 393 west - CN 2230-IC 1000
  • 1256 Lobo - CN 330 east - CN 9449-CN 2417-CN 2337

Train 330's complete consist (aside from a few cars from which I was unable to read the complete number): [show/hide]

While waiting for the next sign of movement I heard the Canadian Pacific Windsor Subdivision dispatcher inform a foreman of three eastbounds and two westbounds that would be moving after a track block at Bothwell. I got into position for the first westbound.

  • 1449 Lobo - CP 241 west - CP 9568-CEFX 1055

Train 241 only made it as far as Newbury Station before stopping for a tie gang at Bothwell. The dispatcher informed them of three eastbounds also waiting for the track block. I drove ahead to catch the activity and discovered train 241 parked at Pine Road where it was waiting for the tie gang to repair a sun kink.

  • 1556 Newbury Station - CP 241 west - CP 9568-CEFX 1055

Before too long the foreman cleared train 241 through the siding at Bothwell. I caught the train on the move again a short distance away at Cameron Road.

  • 1624 Newbury Station - CP 241 west - CP 9568-CEFX 1055

Not long after 241 cleared Bothwell siding the tie gang parked their equipment in the back track and the next westbound was cleared through on the main track.

  • 1735 Bothwell Station - CP westbound - CP 9711-CP 9649

The three eastbounds all met this train at Kent Bridge. After a bit of a wait the parade began. I photographed all three running through Bothwell Station at ten miles per hour.

  • 1901 Bothwell Station - CP eastbound - CP 8828-DME 6097
  • 1923 Bothwell Station - CP 142 east - CEFX 1019
  • 1937 Bothwell Station - CP 666 east - CP 5911-ICE 6414-ICE 6413-CP 6047

Thanks to the conductor of train 666 for tossing me the bottle of water. It was appreciated.

During the eastbound procession it began to rain lightly and it was quickly getting dark. Missy by now was mostly sleeping so I determined it to be time for home. After the long drive back to Niagara I was stopped by the railway crossing down the road from my house.

  • 2244 Fenwick - CP northbound - CP 8713-CP 9780

This train was very short and I couldn't identify it from what little freight there was. However, I was now home after a pretty interesting day. Managing to actually photograph the ethanol train was my reward.

Monday, August 01, 2011

Trackside Log for Monday, August 1, 2011

I turned the scanner on while working on various projects at home this morning. I could hear train 255 working Canadian Pacific's Welland Yard. I waited for the dispatcher to issue the train a clearance before taking Missy to Chantler Road for a photograph next to the old barn.

  • 1005 Fenwick - CP 255 north - CP 9702-CP 5908 (video)

Train 255's complete consist (aside from one car from which I was unable to read the complete number): [show/hide]

In the afternoon, just as I was taking Missy for her walk I heard horns several concessions away. I went back inside to get my camera and caught the yard engines delivering two bulkhead flats of steel pipe to Cappco in Smithville.

  • 1731 Fenwick - CP northbound - CP 8208-CP 8216

Shortly after our walk the two GP9s returned from setting off their train.

  • 1810 Fenwick - CP southbound - CP 8216-CP 8208

Knowing that the return trip would be a light power move Missy and I stayed indoors and just listened to it rumble through town.