Saturday, November 25, 2006

Trackside Log for Saturday, November 25, 2006

Today Marcus and I were headed to New York and Pennsylvania for a little short line railfan trip. Before Marcus arrived in St. Catharines I decided to head to Merritton to see what the Maple Leaf had for a train.

  • 1009 Merritton, ON - Via 97 eaast - AMTK 187
I returned home to meet Marcus at 1100. We headed off to New York. Unfortunately it's the U.S. Thanksgiving weekend so the border was a bit nuts. It took about 90 minutes to get through customs at the Whirlpool Bridge. We headed through Lockport where we ran across a snow plow.
  • 1347 Lockport, NY - Delaware-Lackawanna snow plow - DLWR 400783

We followed the Falls Road east and found a few stations.

  • 1428 Medina, NY - station
  • 1446 Albion, NY - station
  • 1500 Fancher, NY - station

The line ends at Brookport so we headed down to Shortsville to see the Finger Lakes Christmas Train. Unfortunately it was getting quite dark, but we managed to photograph it anyway.

  • 1647 Shortsville, NY - Finger Lakes Christmas Train west - FGLK 1751/FGLK 2201

I used my tripod and long exposures to get some reasonable shots of the train when it stopped to offload passengers.

  • 1658 Shortsville, NY - Finger Lakes Christman Train west - FGLK 1751/FGLK 2201
It was getting very dark so Marcus and I got some food and headed to the Comfort Inn in Clarks Summit, Pennsylvania for the night.

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