Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Trackside Log for Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Today was the first day of my grain elevator excursion to the Canadian prairies for 2008. Once again Sam was with me to take in the scenery and help with the photography duties. As always, the primary purpose is to photograph the dwindling number of country grain elevators in the prairies. Any trains I happen across are merely a bonus. The exception this year is that we're taking a side trip to Montana and Idaho purely for trains. The first train we encountered was in Landis, Saskatchewan.
  • 0810 CST Landis, SK - CN eastbound - CN 2266-CN 5748 (photo)
Farther along the Canadian National main we find a second eastbound.
  • 0833 CST Cavell, SK - CN eastbound - CN 2509-CN 5504 (photo)
After switching to the Canadian Pacific tracks we run across a CP eastbound.
  • 1054 CST Senlac, SK - CP eastbound - CP 9644
Now following the Canadian Pacific branches we see a set of two Canadian Pacific GP38-2s in the yard in Kerrobert, Saskatchewan.
  • 1224 CST Kerrobert, SK - CP power - CP 3048-CP 3068 (photo)
The remainder of the day was spent on low volume branch lines so we didn't see any more trains this day. We found a nice motel to spend the night in Kindersley, Saskatchewan and reflected on a fine day of photography.

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