Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Trackside Log for Wednesday, July 2, 2008

I awoke refreshed at The Station Inn in Cresson to a beautiful morning. I wandered downstairs for a grand breakfast with the other guests. I must return again sometime soon. After food and banter I drove to Lilly to photograph some action on the former Pennsylvania Railroad.

  • 0934 Lilly, PA - NS eastbound - NS 6789-NS 9424-NS 3027-NS 6508
  • 0949 Lilly, PA - Amtrak 42 east - AMTK 97
  • 0955 Lilly, PA - NS 14G east - NS 9930-NS 9283 w/ helper NS 3336-NS 3353
  • 1019 Lilly, PA - NS westbound - NS 6756-NS 9515 w/ helper NS 3339-NS 3346
  • 1034 Lilly, PA - NS westbound helper - NS 3357-NS 3372
  • 1043 Lilly, PA - NS westbound - NS 9560-NS 9367 w/ helper NS 3373-NS 3338
  • 1108 Lilly, PA - NS 500 east - NS 9225-NS 6594-NS 8689 w/ helper NS 3351-NS 3342-NS 3345-NS 3350
  • 1141 Lilly, PA - NS eastbound - NS 7205-NS 7206/NS 7204-NS 7214

What? A tiny push-pull salt train with a pair of SD80MACs on either end? I had to see that again. I drove back to Cresson to photograph it in the yard there.

  • 1159 Cresson, PA - NS eastbound - NS 7205-NS 7206/NS 7204-NS 7214 (photo)

The clouds were gathering and starting to become frustrating so I packed up and headed for home. Back in Canada again I heard Canadian National train 565 leaving Port Robinson. I was in a good position to catch it at Netherby.

  • 1830 Welland, ON - CN 565 east - CN 4110-CN 4112

And with that I drove back home. Overall the trip was a good one but that first day in Virginia was monumentally frustrating.

Click here to view a map of the GPS data collected during the trip.

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