Saturday, March 13, 2010

Trackside Log for Saturday, March 13, 2010

Very soon after my shower this morning I heard the sound of horns approaching from the south. Although the weather was rather grim it wasn't raining so I took my camera to the Church Street crossing to have a look.

  • 0752 Fenwick - CP 427 north - CP 8829-CP 8847

Apparently I turned to leave too quickly. The last two cars on the train were scale test cars but I was too far away for a photograph. Oh well. At any rate I returned home to wait for Sam to arrive. We were heading to Montreal for the annual St. Patrick's Day Parade.

Once she arrived we were on our way. Our route was through New York with a detour to see the Wellsboro and Corning. En route we stopped off in Lakeville, New York to have a peek at the Livonia, Avon and Lakeville.

  • 1152 Lakeville, NY - LAL power - WNYP 451-LAL 320-LAL 321-LAL 319

After a series of photographs Sam and I were back on our way. The next stop was the Bath and Hammondsport in Cohocton, NY.

  • 1251 Cohocton, NY - B&H power - IBCX 2028
  • 1252 Cohocton, NY - B&H power - NYSW 3674
  • 1252 Cohocton, NY - B&H power - SIXX 77-NYSW 3660
  • 1253 Cohocton, NY - B&H power - BH 4

After a very wet drive we arrived at my primary quarry: the newly acquired former Quebec North Shore and Labrador SD40-2CLCs. Four of these were recently purchased by the Wellsboro and Corning. Upon arriving at Wellsboro Junction, Pennsylvania I discovered three of the four SD40-2CLCs. That's not bad.

  • 1438 Wellsboro Junction, PA - WCOR power - WCOR 309-WCOR 301-WCOR 302

Also in attendance was the power for the Tioga Central tourist train.

  • 1443 Wellsboro Junction, PA - Tioga Central power - TIOC 506-TIOC 14-TIOC 62

My mission was accomplished. I had to drive a long way to photograph something that spent some time in my own back yard. I didn't get a chance to photograph the former QNSL SD40-2CLCs when they were in Hamilton, Ontario at Railcare getting relettered for WCOR. So catching then on their new home rails was good. At that point Sam and I drove on to Montreal and checked into the Residence Inn for the night.

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