Saturday, March 27, 2010

Trackside Log for Saturday, March 27, 2010

Today was to be a beautiful day so I set off with Missy to take advantage of it. It had been a very long time since I'd gone trackside around Hamilton and even longer since I'd been west of there. Our first stop was Aldershot for VIA 70.

  • 0954 Aldershot - VIA 70 east - VIA 6439

After it passed I drove to the Southern Ontario Railway to see if either of their newly delivered CEFX switchers were in action. Shortly after walking onto the Bay Street bridge they fired up one of them, coupled onto a cut of grain cars and set off for the Bunge oilseed processing plant.

  • 1033 Hamilton - SOR switcher - CEFX 2019

I decided to photograph the train over at the Bunge plant as well. As we arrived I saw the Bunge switcher moving out of the way.

  • 1041 Hamilton - Bunge switcher
  • 1043 Hamilton - SOR switcher - CEFX 2019

While waiting to see what the Southern Ontario Railway would do I heard Canadian National train 421 announce it was departing Hamilton Yard. I dashed over to Wentworth Street to see it.

  • 1124 Hamilton - CN 421 east - CN 5612-CN 2406-CN 5793

Having found what I came for I decided to depart Hamilton for points west. First I stopped off at Copetown and Lynden but very little was happening on the Canadian National Dundas Subdivision. While waiting for some action I heard a westbound obtain a clearance on the Canadian Pacific Galt Subdivision. I knew I could intercept it at Galt so off we went.

  • 1306 Galt - CP 421 west - CP 5847- CP 6020-CP 6037-CP 5879

Train 421 was dropping cars in Galt so I drove farther west to photograph it again in what passes as scenery at this time of year.

  • 1335 Orr's Lake - CP 421 west - CP 6020-CP 6037-CP 5879

In the mean time the Hamilton Turn also acquired a clearance so I decided to stick to the Canadian Pacific for it as well. I continued farther west and caught up to train 421 once again while it was dropping cars in Woodstock.

  • 1443 Woodstock - CP 421 west - CP 6020-CP 6037-CP 5879

I was close to the Lafarge Canada plant in Zorra so I decided to use the overhead conveyor there for a prop with the Hamilton Turn.

  • 1514 Zorra - CP Hamilton Turn west - CP 3096-CP 3038

I'd heard nothing else on Canadian Pacific so I turned south toward Ingersoll and the Canadian National. As I approached downtown I noticed that Ontario Southland was present. I made my way to the junction of the former Canadian Pacific Port Burwell Subdivision. I arrived just in time to catch Ontario Southland leaving for Salford.

  • 1528 Ingersoll - OSR southbound - OSRX 182-OSRX 378

I then continued south to photograph the train along the way to their shops in Salford.

  • 1533 Ingersoll - OSR southbound - OSRX 182-OSRX 378
  • 1542 Salford - OSR southbound - OSRX 182-OSRX 378

At Salford the Ontario Southland crew put the power away and the chase was over. By this time I was quite near Tillsonburg so I continued on with the Trillium Railway's St. Thomas and Eastern as my next destination.

  • 1607 Tillsonburg - STER power - TRRY 1842
  • 1610 Tillsonburg - STER power - TRRY 1859-STER 3582

The former Ottawa Central RS-18s were acquired late the previous year but I hadn't made the trip to Tillsonburg to see them before. It was nice to finally get some photographs. However, the day was getting on so I started to wend my way home. Along the way I stopped at Nanticoke to see if the Southern Ontario Railway was switching the Esso plant. No such luck there, but as I proceeded north I discovered them shoving cars into the yard in Garnet.

  • 1726 Garnet - SOR switcher - SOR 5005-RLK 4095-RMPX 9431

After a few photographs at Garnet I continued my drive toward home but stopped off at my sister's home for a visit. All in all it was a beautiful day. Missy had a great time. I know because she's now contently sleeping behind me as I write this.

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