Sunday, January 16, 2011

Trackside Log for Sunday, January 16, 2011

Today I decided to take Missy trackside on the Canadian National Dundas Subdivision. We left home fairly early and arrived at Paris Junction just before the Southern Ontario Railway dragged a cut of gondolas into the north siding.

  • 0838 Paris Junction - SOR 597 west - RLK 4095-CEFX 2014-RLK 3873
  • 0844 Paris Junction - VIA 70 east - VIA 6457
  • 0846 Paris Junction - CN 397 west - CN 2238-CN 2200

Another row of gondolas was impeding my view of eastbounds so I moved west to Princeton. I pulled into the post office parking lot and waited a bit for an eastbound.

  • 0943 Princeton - CN 392 east - CN 5559-CN 5662
  • 1123 Princeton - CN 382 east - CN 2594-CN 2123-CN 2433
  • 1211 Princeton - VIA 72 east - VIA 6453
  • 1222 Princeton - CN 393 west - CN 5785-CN 5752

Then everything got very quiet. I knew both Canadian National train 331 and VIA train 73 were on the way but I was getting a bit restless. I started back eastward and discovered train 331 switching Paris West. I doubled back and chose the Blenheim Road overpass for a photograph.

  • 1311 Etonia - CN 331 west - CN 2544-CN 2612

The VIA followed soon after.

  • 1330 Etonia - VIA 73 west - VIA 908/VIA 6410

Nothing else was pending and, as I said, I was getting restless. Missy and I departed the Dundas Subdivision and I decided to head home via the Southern Ontario Railway in Nanticoke. Luck was on my side. I discovered the three locomotives I had photographed in the morning pulling a string of empty oil cans south of Garnet. I drove ahead to the Esso refinery for pictures.

  • 1510 Nanticoke - SOR 596 south - RLK 3873-CEFX 2014-RLK 4095

I thought it was rather fitting that I start and end the day with the same train at opposite ends of its run. The weather was not the previously forecast sun I had hoped for but it wasn't terrible either. Missy and I had a nice day out.

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