Friday, July 30, 2010

Trackside Log for Friday, July 30, 2010

Today it appeared that Canadian National train 421 would appear at Port Robinson at about lunch time. Since I had the availability I went out at lunch time to see if I could catch it. I drove to Port Robinson and discovered the train switching the yard. I decided to drive out to Buchner Road to wait for it. Before too very long I could hear its horns approaching.

  • 1245 Cooks Mills - CN 421 east - CN 8852-CN 8024

After a photograph I turned around and headed back to work. The timing proved to be quite convenient.

I left work a bit early today and shortly after I arrived at home the distinct cacophony of ill-tuned horns emanated from the north. I took Missy down to River Road for a photograph.

  • 1511 Fenwick - CP 246 south - SOO 6040-CP 9648

I honestly wasn't expecting any activity until dark on the Canadian Pacific Hamilton Subdivision. Now that trains 426 and 427 have been abolished there is generally no activity in the afternoon. But today a late 246 was a welcome change.

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