Saturday, March 26, 2011

Trackside Log for Saturday, March 26, 2011

This morning I heard horns in the distance just as I was getting up. I looked out the back window to see a trio of SD40-2s pass by. The second of them was an Iowa, Chicago & Eastern. The sun hadn't yet cleared the trees and I wasn't quite ready to leave the house so I decided to head out with Missy for a photograph after they finished working Welland Yard. I took Missy over to the yard to watch them lift cars out of the CaSo track before driving over to Brookfield for a picture in better light.

  • 0911 Brookfield - CP 254 south - CP 6043-ICE 6427-CP 5927

While waiting for train 254 I heard them issue a track release to a train 626 that was approaching. The Hamilton Subdivision dispatcher ordered train 254 to come to a stop because of a problem with clearance at the border which meant that I would easily be able to move to a new location for the ethanol train. I opted to photograph it exiting the tunnel under the Welland Canal.

  • 0939 Welland - CP 626 south - CP 6046-CSXT 307-CSXT 7395-CSXT 7796

Astonishing. Canadian Pacific ran an ethanol train on the Hamilton Subdivision in daylight, on the weekend, and in sunshine! After a few photographs from atop the Highway 140 bridge Missy and I headed back home.

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