Monday, September 10, 2012

Trackside Log for Monday, September 10, 2012

We three travellers awoke this morning in Edmundston, New Brunswick and set off for the day. Before leaving town I drove down to the Canadian National tracks in town. Parked there was a pair of GP38s so I took a quick photograph.

  • 0945 ADT Edmundston, NB - CN power - CN 4719-CN 4810

Next we were off and quickly changing time zones as we made our way back to Québec. My first destination was three hours away in Vallée-Jonction. I wanted to see what the Québec Central looked like these days.

  • 1301 EDT Vallée-Jonction, PQ - former Québec Central station
  • 1303 EDT Vallée-Jonction, PQ - museum display - CNR 46
  • 1311 EDT Vallée-Jonction, PQ - former Québec Central engine shed

Sadly the old engine shed and turn table were sitting empty and idle. Everything has been removed. It was really rather disappointing. With nothing else to photograph we made our way west to Sherbrooke where I found a Montreal, Maine & Atlantic locomotive and the Orford Express tour train's M420TR.

  • 1657 EDT Sherbrooke, PQ - MMA power - MMA 2004
  • 1659 EDT Sherbrooke, PQ - Orford Express power - OEX 26

Our next stop was in Richmond to see if anything interesting was at the St. Lawrence & Atlantic. Unfortunately when we drove along the yard we could see only freight cars. It was getting a bit late so we decided to call it a day and made our way to Brossard for the night.

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