Saturday, September 08, 2012

Trackside Log for Saturday, September 8, 2012

This morning Sam, Missy and I departed Halifax and drove to our first stop of the day: Peggy's Cove. After some very nice photographs we meandered our way to the Windsor & Hantsport Railway. The first location was Windsor where the shop building is. The railway has been idle for some time now due to the closure of the gypsum mine which is obvious from the quantity of rust on the rails.

  • 1302 ADT Windsor, NS - WHRC Evangeline Express passenger car
  • 1303 ADT Windsor, NS - WHRC shops
  • 1305 ADT Windsor, NS - WHRC ballast sweeper and gypsum cars
  • 1314 ADT Windsor, NS - WHRC caboose - WHRC 150
  • 1314 ADT Windsor, NS - Windsor & Hantsport tracks

When I looked through a window in the shops I could see that the two B23-7s, WHRC 1968-WHRC 4079, were inside.

Next, after Sam visited Gaspereau Valley Fibres near Wolfville, I drove through Hantsport. This is the location of the gypsum ship loading facility and a former Dominion Atlantic Railway station. Here is where I found most of the gypsum cars parked.

  • 1433 ADT Hantsport, NS - WHRC station (former Dominion Atlantic Railway)
  • 1435 ADT Hantsport, NS - WHRC gypsum cars
  • 1442 ADT Hantsport, NS - WHRC hi-rail
After visiting Windsor and Hantsport I saw that things are very different from ten years ago when Marcus and I visited the railway. The RS-23s were in service and we photographed a tourist train. The current state of the railway is sad indeed. Having finished photographing the remains of the last extant section of the Dominion Atlantic Railway, Sam, Missy and I drove the south shore of the Bay of Fundy and watched the tidal bore on the Salmon River in Truro before finding lodging in Moncton, New Brunswick.

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