Sunday, September 09, 2012

Trackside Log for Sunday, September 9, 2012

This morning we departed Moncton, New Brunswick somewhat late. We weren't terribly energetic thanks in part to the dull overcast skies and the forecast of rain all day. However, as we set off the weather remained dry. Our first stop of the day was the New Brunswick Railway Museum in Hillsborough.

  • 1106 ADT Hillsborough, NB - New Brunswick Railway Museum equipment

After photographing much of the equipment at the museum, Sam, Missy and I set off for Saint John. We followed the Canadian National tracks much of the way but nothing was rolling on them.

Ten years ago Marcus and I made this same trek with the intent of photographing the New Brunswick Southern Railway. To put it bluntly, we got hosed. We didn't see anything to photograph. So this time I really wanted to find something to point a camera at. As we were headed toward their yard, we heard on the scanner that a pair of locomotives were headed to Harbour Station. I wasn't familiar with the area so I didn't know where this was. However, luck was with us. As we drove around a curve there they were.

  • 1417 ADT Saint John, NB - NBSR eastbound - HLCX 6315-HLCX 6318

I thought it was interesting to note that the lead unit, HLCX 6315, is the former CP 5522 running on former Canadian Pacific tracks.

After the light power rolled away we continued to the New Brunswick Southern's yard. When we arrived we found a leased GP38-2 switching the east end.

  • 1435 ADT Saint John, NB - NBSR switcher - GMTX 2666

After photographing the switch crew sorting auto racks into the transfer facility it began to rain lightly. I took this as my cue to leave. I was quite happy to have photographed something on the New Brunswick Southern but it was time to drive to Edmundston for the evening.

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