Thursday, September 06, 2012

Trackside Log for Thursday, September 6, 2012

This morning Sam, Missy and I set out from Summerside, Prince Edward Island and toured much of Prince County. We were taking in the scenery, I was photographing the lighthouses in the county and we made two knitting related stops at La Co-op d'Artisanat d'Abram-Village, in Abram's Village and MacAusland's Wollen Mills in Bloomfield. I found the mill quite interesting. It's been operating for 80 years and was a lumber mill before that.

While there is little remaining of the island railways, we did happen across the old Canadian National station in Alberton.

  • 1503 ADT Alberton, PE - former Canadian National station

Ten years ago Marcus and I toured much of Prince Edward Island and photographed some of the other railway remnants.

After a very interesting day on the island we decided to head back across the Confederation Bridge to Truro, Nova Scotia. Just after the bridge we made a small detour to Cape Tormentine. This is former site of the Canadian National car ferry dock. Little remains now, but the old station, engine shed and water tower remain.

  • 1704 ADT Cape Tormentine, NB - former Canadian National station
  • 1704 ADT Cape Tormentine, NB - former Canadian National engine shed and water tower

Finally we drove to Truro. We passed by the rail yards there but nothing interesting was present so we ended the day with supper and lodging.

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